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This group is for newbie designers in the community to feel comfortable, ask any questions, share ideas and support each other, family-style! Please don't be shy or hesitant. You can open a chat with any member of this group to start a conversation easily

  • RE: uiLogos - Adobe XD Plugin

    @realvjy great work Vijay!! Going to try this, I'm also plugin making soon!

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  • RE: Hi hi, hello!

    @creativickytench welcome!! Wishing you all the best in your new role 👭

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  • RE: Hello

    @cbecker welcome! Looking forward to your UI/UX contributions and more conversations.

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  • RE: Storyboarding my way in!

    @Graeme Actually, the MyDiabetesMeals app is coming along quite nicely. I had been exploring various alternative flows, revisited some features, and explored many technical iOS topics. However, my prototype is finally starting to make progress significant progress. For example, I have enabled biometric authentication with either Touch ID or Face ID, which includes both local authentication as well as web site access. I have finally resolved how to parse HTML web pages and extract JSON-LD linked data to create recipe objects needed for the app. Also I'm integrating weekly meal plans as well.

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  • RE: Hi hi, hello!

    @Graeme Thanks so much!!! This collection of stories is a 💎 of a support resource. I've heard a lot about women in tech especially battling this, so that 59% statistic of yours that I saw somewhere makes sense in my mind.

    For me, add being a total beginner and a lady of color in a city that isn't nearly as saturated with tech and networking opportunities as the one I just left, and the syndrome is pretty much par for the course. I'm learning from people and resources like yours that the most effective "solve" is probably being ready for it to hit and talking back to and challenging the fear when it comes up. 🤔 "Facts vs. feelings" is my current self-check mantra. Going for it!

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