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Sketch2React - the free design to code framework for Sketch app

  • @Graeme said in Sketch2React - the free design to code framework for Sketch app:

    @juand4v wow Juan! Sketch2React doesn't stop! I've just come back to England from Madrid for Christmas period, so I'm going to have time to finally play with this this week!

    Thanks for sharing the updates πŸ™‚ Also, I didn't hear back from the people at Sketch - I'll follow that up!

    I know Graeme! We're having way to much fun with this, it's really hard stopping actually πŸ˜†

    Awesome to hear, it's never been a better time than exactly right now to learn our framework I think. Looking forward to hear what you guys make of it, if it's any kind of use etc etc.

    No worries, I guess someday we'll talk to them, thanks for reaching out for us, we really appreciate it, me and Fredrik. 🀘

  • @raxie said in Sketch2React - the free design to code framework for Sketch app:

    I had participated in the alpha, just downloaded the desktop app. I'm hoping to really dive into it and see what it can offer my team and I! Thanks for sharing @juand4v ! 😺

    Awesome to hear! No worries, let me know what you and your team come up with findings, we build this for the community not for ourselves.

    My personal favorite right now is the power of connecting CSS, custom or others code. It's amazingly fun to use it like a visual CSS editor.

  • Ooo btw! We updated the Desktop App today, this is the very latest version.

    Just some minor thingies, like a new app logo, some stuff in the background, small bug fixes etc. Easier just to drop the link here for you guys than spamming with another new email. Again. 😸

  • Got some time today to finish editing a tutorial I recorded a few days ago. It's a more in-depth look at how Advanced Export works…

  • alt text
    Hey guys! We just send out our last update for this year, 2018. It's the Code App that now is in version 0.6.3. Comes with small things but needed ones, for example you now can check yourselves if there is a newer version of the app available. And DL it 🚩

    Should have reached your inbox by now. 😸

  • @juand4v πŸš€ awesome work, today I'm updating the main prototypr toolbox site, so will also get these updates linked there!

  • @juand4v Thank you!

  • @Graeme said in Sketch2React - the free design to code framework for Sketch app:

    @juand4v πŸš€ awesome work, today I'm updating the main prototypr toolbox site, so will also get these updates linked there!

    Sounds super, thanks a lot Graeme ! πŸ’ͺ

  • Also, tried out the new Sketch Beta v53 today and (gentle drum roll) as far as I can see nothing breaks in our Code App/Framework. But too early to be sure, but looks promising.



    Fredrik is already on vacay (the bastard) and I'll be working today and tomorrow. After that I'll take a much deserved two weeks vacay over the holidays. I'll try to stay offline as much as I can hahaha. We'll see how that one works out. 😸

  • alt text
    Hey guys! Here's an early Xmas prez from us, our very first Sketch2React Pocket Guide ePub 😸🎁 It contains the very best from our blog and our docs rewritten for chill offline reading.

    The perfect way to learn our framework since you can add notes, mark things, copy things etc. ePub is really brilliant that way.

    Have a great holiday see you in 2019!

    Pst. I posted it here first since you guys are the friendliest ones out there πŸ˜„

  • @juand4v Hey happy Xmas, this is great! Also, I've been adding product pages in the Prototypr site - here is Sketch2React's πŸ˜‰

  • @Graeme Wow that looks awesome! Like a pimped up Product Hunt πŸ€©πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  • @juand4v haha thanks Juan! I'm thinking to change the homepage of prototypr, just to focus on tools. I'm not sure how many people come for the news section at the top πŸ€”

    I'll send it as a question in the next newsletter...speaking of whihc, I sent last week's just last night because I have been a bit ill the last 2 days so fell behind a bit. Here it is if you missed it:

    Ft. your pocket guide πŸ˜‰

  • Hey guys πŸ˜„ We're still in heavy vacay mode here in Sweden but we felt that we needed to leak this anyway. After a full year of part-time work we have finally reached our main goal - real Sketch to React export!! Here's Fredrik recording his screen and showing the process of downloading and installing React packages:

    This feature will require a Pro licens of our Code App, we're still ironing out the details on pricing etc, bear with us, this is our very first attempt at selling something like this and we really don't do things without overthinking them at least 1000 times. πŸ˜†

    We're leaning against a price model like Sketch, one time yearly fee, all updates included for that year etc. Or monthly fee so you can try it out (at low price since you can jump off whenever you want)… Any suggestions are welcomed… πŸ‘ However we will go it will be very humanly priced, we rather start low and over the coming years raise the price than starting high and scaring 90% of potential customers away.

  • @juand4v Nice tool! Any update for windows users and maybe support for Figma since Sketch is not available for Windows

  • @WebMaye Thanks! For now, nope sorry no support for Windows/Figma… We see maybe a move towards something like Sketch2Vue also instead since 1. Sketch is still nr one tool for designers and 2. Vue is a very popular framework like React.

    But you never know what the future might have in stored😸

  • @juand4v sounds good Juan! I think pricing is important - check out Indie Hackers, they're always sharing pricing strategies and figuring out how to make projects profitable or at least sustainable.

    I'm looking into this myself, and will be making some prototyping plugins and soundpacks.

    Maybe my plans for pricing emailOtter may help!
    emailOtter is quite a unique product in that it actually let's you customise HTML email templates by turning them into editable modules. You can read more about what it is and why I'm making it here.

    Here is my pricing roadmap:

    • Free for a few invite only users for beta testing
    • First few months (depending on growth), free for early adopters
    • After I see it working well, I'll go freemium by make some important features paid: e.g pay to compress images, pay to export HTML, pay for more than 5 active projects etc
    • Then I will add monthly plans, or like Sketch, $99 per year

    That's just a rough idea, and I haven't charged for a service before so am also still learning. I think it depends on adoption too, it might be best to charge the $99 out right, or offer lifetime membership deals to early adopters like on AppSumo.

    I'll be writing about how it goes anyway, I'm optimistic πŸ˜„

  • @Graeme Thanks for all of your great tips and sharing your experience, much appreciated. Pricing is essentially what breaks or makes a product and I feel it's really difficult knowing this before trying out different models, failing (or) succeeding. Learn by doing wrong is hard but very often the only way to really understand and learn.

    And it's okey to just be very honest and say: You know, we don't know shit about how to price things but we make great stuff anyway hehe πŸ˜†

  • Hey guys! I share the latest news and thoughts about Sketch2React in this new article:

    Have a great weekend!


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