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Hello from Indonesia

  • Hello,

    I'm Riyan, front-end web developer currently working on a software house in Bandung, Indonesia.

    Learned few things about UX since this January, and recently I've decided to delve deeper into it and start my career in this field. If I may ask, where should I start? 🤔


  • Nomad

    Hiya Riyan, welcome to the Prototypr community! This is definitely a good place to figure that out. I encourage you to check out the top posters who post answers on UX and start a direct chat with them. You can be sure of a quick, personalized response that way.

    Re: your question, are you asking how to start a career in the field or how to get ready for a career in the field?

    We have tons of resources and tools here to help you become excellent at what you do. And to start a career? Jump right in, update your professional profiles, volunteer on projects that interest you, apply for freelance opportunities (best way to learn, in my own opinion), build and share your UX portfolio and let us know what your exact challenges are!

    I hope this helps 🤓

  • Awesome to see designers from Indonesia joining! Selamat datang.

  • @fredotan @rihter_h Selamat Datang 😄

    Yeah @kelechi has pointed out some useful resources! What in particular are you looking to learn?

  • Nomad

    Hello! Welcome to Prototypr Community! ☺


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