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Breathe app for iOS Concept — UI/UX case study of bringing the Breathe app from watchOS to iOS

  • Digital wellbeing is becoming more popular as we started to realize that all those constant notifications, messages, likes, tweets and live stories destroy our ability to maintain focus for a longer period of time.

    Doing regular, mindful breathing exercises is one of the best ways to regain control over our focusing abilities and not get carried away with distractions every other second.

    alt text

    What if there would be a stock iOS version of the watchOS Breathe app to help us get back our ability to maintain focus and manage stress better?

    alt text

    Continue reading about this concept here in details, where you can also download all my design source files as well. 🙂

  • I like the name 'breathe' when it's tackling issues like constant notifications! How do you find Studio? I see a lot of noise around it, but know few people actively using it:

    0_1544721052953_Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 18.10.32.png

    This chart is from the survey.

  • Nomad

    @danielkorpai great job, Daniel! I love the emphasis on simplicity and familiarity for the users. I’ve never been one for meditation but this just might get me started. Can’t wait to try the Focus exercise. How’s your journey going? Do you have a set date to launch?

    By the way, hi! So glad to have you in the community!

  • @danielkorpai Seen your concept a few days or weeks ago, it rocks! I sometimes use it on my watch and I think it's a great thing. Before that, I was using Breathe+ app on iPhone. Btw. glad to see you here 😉

  • @Graeme Studio is becoming better and better, but still has a lot to go on the performance front. However, the feeling of designing something and immediately adding high-fidelity animations to it with timeline and everything - without any exporting - is amazing every time! 🙂

    I was also a bit afraid of migrating, but I figured I can just drop my .sketch files on the InVision dock icon, and I'm good to go. 🙂

  • @kelechi Thank you so much for the positive words mate! 🙂 At the moment, this is just a design concept I was interested in and unfortunately I can't code iOS apps, but if there's a developer who would like to collaborate, I'm happy to push this concept into reality in the future. 🙂

  • @mihael Thank you so much mate! 🙂 It's really great to be here in this awesome community!


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