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Prototypr newsletter this week + Weekend Plans

  • Nomad

    Hi guys, here’s the Prototypr newsletter this week! For all who missed it.

    There's a recap of top conversations in the community, top blog posts from the Publication and new tools and resources by Prototyprs and others! Check it out and share!

    Now over to this weekend: What will you be working on? Taking a break 🍻, making products 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 or changing the world 😇 ? Feel free to share by replying to this topic!

  • @kelechi I've just been doing some speed optimisation on the Prototypr main site!

    Since the last launch, I'd made the site really slow to load because the main javascript had become really big (about 2.4mb)!

    It's taken me a day and a bit, but now I've reduced it to 0.04mb so the page speed is much fast!

    0_1544828301935_Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 22.02.52.png

    Especially those pages that don't load external images (that's the one above). Sorry that was a very developer update, but speed is a massive factor in the experience haha!

    On the weekend, I'm going to do a bit on my coliving site!

  • Nomad

    @Graeme all sounds great! I’ll be finishing up some copy editing for two clients and practicing more design+code, instead of just watching the tutorial videos.

    There’s also a tech+art street festival going on in my city, Accra. Chances I’ll attend are slim this weekend but let’s see how it goes! 🥳 Haha. Chat on Monday!


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