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Connect with Roommates Before a Lease is Signed

  • Hey all!

    Excited about this community, I am still in early “friends and family” private testing phase, but felt that I can share with this community (even with my less polished product). I am working on a product to connect roommates before a lease is signed. Looking for feedback on UX, design tips, what's critically missing and of course anything else too, so check it out even if you are not looking for a roommate or are in the NYC area.

    Landing page:
    Web app (not mobile optimized):
    The two are purposely not linked together.

    I used a no code app builder, which is awesome, but does have its limitations.

    I won’t say much more since with great design everything should be self-explanatory, but definitely feel free to message me here or in my app for a conversation.

    Look forward to your comments!

  • @james Hi James, it's a cool idea, and definitely a problem that many have! Is there a specific type of user you're aiming this at? Maybe the image of the people in the house can be more diverse.

  • Nomad

    @james Hi James, first of all, welcome to Prototypr! You're definitely in the right place. I have been trying to view the this link to no avail. Is the site down? Or maybe its my internet connection.

    Checked out this. The main app, right? My only feedback is that you make what you do more prominent - maybe a sub-heading right underneath cityALPS. The "Thank you for participating in our private beta." sentence can come after the form or in the form heading where you only said "Sign up"

  • @Graeme Hey Graeme - That is an interesting question because there is certainly the most obvious of groups (the recent graduate), but from my initial research there are other profiles such as the couple that may want to live with another or the professional that can live on their own, but would not mind expanding their network while living better and saving money. Others include communities for different languages. I am working on the concept of searching within micro-communities or spaces as I'm currently calling it. So, I agree with your point on more diverse images, but do you know of any resources for stock images? I spent hours searching on a few sites just to settle on that (free) image as it did convey a certain feel, but its worth looking again.

  • @kelechi Thanks for the welcome and for the feedback! The site is up and links are working on my end, so let me know if you are still not getting through.

  • Nomad

    @james still not going through. Will let you know when it does!


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