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Tortu - VUI design toolkit for any conversational platform

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    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to share the VUI design tool that we've been working on.

    With Tortu you can:

    1. Create prototypes. It comes in handy when you want to do some user testing or put yourself into your user's shoes.
    2. Visualize dialogs. You literally build up conversation adding user’s or system’s dialog step.
    3. Store utterances and prompts.

    P.S: As a founder of Tortu I can answer any questions. Any feedback is very welcome.

  • @pavelgvay Welcome Pavel! Thanks for sharing Tortu here 😄

    VUI is something a few of us are looking into, @mrdanielschwarz and I plan to look into Alexa skills during 2019. Here are a couple discussions on it.

    After writing about VUI (partly inspired by your work!), I found lots of indicators that VUI will be here to stay:


    How long ago did you start working on Tortu?

  • @Graeme Thank you for a warm welcome ✌

    A year ago when I was designing Google Action for one of the Russian banks I thought that the design process is full of routine work that can be taken away with a good tool. I searched for VUI design tools and none of them solved my problems. I decided to create my own tool. Today we have 200+ designers that work at agencies and companies.

    I want to live in the future where people can talk to computers like people talk to each other. And I believe that this future highly depends on how these conversations will be designed. This is why I decided to create a design tool, this is why I write about design.

  • Nomad

    @pavelgvay Welcome! I'm amazed at what you've built with Tortu and look forward to building with it and following your progress. Welcome again, Pavel!

  • @pavelgvay this looks awesome, checking it out today!

    @Graeme I’m still only half way into your VUI article, but getting there 😂


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