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Usability testing Handbook to help you know how your users interact with your product and why

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    Hi folks, I just wanted to share with you a usability testing handbook that I use in my everyday work .

    In this usability testing handbook you can :

    1 - Understand the reason of using usability testing in your product cycle
    2 - Can help you to understand how your users interact with your product and why ?
    3 - You'll find also how to take notes
    4 - Plan your sessions easily

    Check my medium article :

    I'm open to any questions. Any feedback is very welcome.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Nomad

    @elmenyry welcome El, thanks for sharing your work with the community. Just checked out the handbook you recommended to see that it's for sale. You should have shared that important detail right here in your post.

    You asked for feedback. On the book or all your Medium posts?

    We appreciate all product design tools and resources shared here but do not allow spam, direct sales, personal brand promotion or blatant customer acquisition.

    Do keep engaging and adhere to our guidelines. Welcome again!

  • Hi @kelechi Thanks a lot for your warm welcome, Yes I just made an update to this post 😄

  • Nomad

    thank you, El!


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