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uiLogos - Adobe XD Plugin

  • Hello guys,

    Wait is over!!
    Sometime we all need professional logo as placeholder, and don't have time to create some dummy logos.

    After successful release of sketch plugin. uiLogos is ported for Adobe XD.
    Now you can quickly place dummy logos into Adobe XD.

    I'm very happy to announce initial version of this plugin for Adobe XD- uiLogos.
    Install and give a try and share your feedback:

    • In Adobe XD app Plugins > Discover Plugins...
    • In the Discover window > Search uilogos.
    • Click on install

    Check description here - Github

  • Contributor

    Congratulations on your first version Vijay!!! This seems so useful time-wise!!! Let us know how it goes!!!

  • Thank for support. Will updated about it soon

  • @realvjy

    Hello guys,

    I'm very happy to announce extended version of uiLogos - plugin. Now, you can insert 190+ Country flags in your design easily with uiLogos - 0.4.0.

    Country Flag Demo

    Generating thumbnails


    1. Download uilogos.xdx
    2. Double click on .xdx file to install

    More surprise coming soon ✌

  • @realvjy great work Vijay!! Going to try this, I'm also plugin making soon!


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