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Message 1: Add your idea ✅

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    Update 1

    Welcome to the challenge everybody, over 80 prototypers have signed up!
    This isn’t a high pressure challenge, but something to have fun, share ideas and try out new things.
    With that, there’s minimal effort for the first task — just add a project to the batch.

    If you’ve already done that, congratulations, you’ve ticked off day one 😀. If not, I've put together a quick step-by-step outline on how to add your product to the batch.

    👉 How to add your product

    Once you’ve added your product, you’ll have the chance to:

    ⭐️ Be included in the weekly showcase article and newsletter.
    🏆 Be in with a chance of winning cool stickers and swag!
    💌 Get an invite to the brand new community forum when it launches (in 1-2 days)
    If you haven't got a clue about what to make yet, don't worry. You can add a dummy product, and come back to edit it as your idea forms.

    What's next?

    In the next updates, you’ll find links and resources to help you brainstorm ideas 💡, so stay tuned!

    If you’re on Twitter, get in touch and I’ll add you to the twitter list of prototypers.

    Also, please 🗣Spread the word 💙


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