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Hi hi, hello!

  • Philly/S.Jersey girl here, living in the sunshine state. ☀

    I just scored my first full-time UX design gig and am hoping to beat "imposter syndrome" this time around. Excited to be a part of this community and jump into interesting discussions. I'm looking for tips on UI design best practices, project management, inspiration, new challenges to explore - anything to keep me growing/moving forward.

    Also, I could never choose just one favorite, so...💡💜🖖 🤷 🥂🤓

  • @creativickytench hey congrats on your role and battling imposter syndrome. I'm not sure if it ever goes away ahah! I also have a project on it that you might enjoy.

    Hope you can use this place to find some help in the future!

  • @Graeme Thanks so much!!! This collection of stories is a 💎 of a support resource. I've heard a lot about women in tech especially battling this, so that 59% statistic of yours that I saw somewhere makes sense in my mind.

    For me, add being a total beginner and a lady of color in a city that isn't nearly as saturated with tech and networking opportunities as the one I just left, and the syndrome is pretty much par for the course. I'm learning from people and resources like yours that the most effective "solve" is probably being ready for it to hit and talking back to and challenging the fear when it comes up. 🤔 "Facts vs. feelings" is my current self-check mantra. Going for it!

  • Nomad

    @creativickytench welcome!! Wishing you all the best in your new role 👭


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