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Important Update: We're Moving to Invite Only

  • Hi all,

    Since launching this community side of Prototypr last month, we've had nearly 1,000 people register, well 827 at the time of writing this 😄 And this has been so much to manage and moderate for me as an indie creator!

    With that, it has become necessary to slow down the growth of the forum, and improve the quality by making this area invite only.

    Why invite only?

    Going into the new year, I've found it necessary to take a step back and prioritise projects in a way that will enable better growth in terms of providing better service and keeping things sustainable.

    I had to think about which projects are most fruitful, or which are a hard slog. The ones which produce high impact, with minimal effort should be prioritised. Here is a prioritisation grid I made on my window:

    0_1547033413592_Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 20.59.57.png

    As you can see, I must focus on:

    • Delivering the Prototypr weekly newsletter
    • Creating some plugins that can generate revenue
    • Work on UI Sounds project

    Ultimately, income is important too, so I also made a table that shows the revenue potential of each project to help prioritise:

    0_1547033536466_Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 16.18.10.png

    From that, I've been working from a roadmap and writing regular updates on my own process. I'll think about how I can start making that content public too:

    0_1547033596381_Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 17.06.08.png

    What's next for Prototypr Makerspace

    I'm going to leave this forum open for people who have any questions and have both provided and found a lot of value here. I'll continue to check in once a week at least, and will also be using it to blog my own projects.

    Next steps

    • Make this community invite only
    • Replace the announcement message about introducing yourself with a link to this post.
    • Continue using and sharing in the forum
    • Enable existing users to invite people
    • Invite plugin developers, and people in design industry who are creating their own products

    This should only take a couple hours, and I'll probably have time to do it on the weekend. Thanks again for joining, and in the coming months, I hope to see this space move up on that priority canvas.

    If you have any questions, let me know here or via chat/email 🙂


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