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How much time does it take to learn web design?

  • Different people have different conceptions about the web- designing career. But is it really hard to learn web- designing? Well, it is not that difficult if you learn it through right approach. There are plentiful and lucrative jobs available today. You won’t believe but with an average base pay of $88.488 a year, there are about 93,000 web development jobs listed on Glassdoor.

    A step by step Guide- How To Learn Web Design & How Much Time Will it take!
    Web design basic concepts and principles (at least 10 days):

    As a beginner, your main target should include to clear the basic concepts clearly. So, what are the basic concepts you should go for at first? Have a look:

    • What is a static page?
    • What dynamic is web page all about?
    • What is the concept of overall layout of the web page?
    • Is there is any design principle of web design?
    • What is meant by basic elements of the web page?
    • Things to take care while designing web pages.

    Go for some good author books to make the concepts clear.
    ** CSS + HTML + JavaScript (1 month): **

    Although HTML is basic and does not takes much time but dealing with label language and format specification such as CSS is somewhat difficult. It involves browser compatibility issues. JavaScript is even harder than these two. But with the help of some good tutorials and books, you can master it in a month.

    Must to master some Web development tools (15 days):

    These are some of the basic web design tools that you must be aware of:

    • Web page editor: Sublime Text
    • Picture editor: Photoshop
    • Web prototype design: Mock plus (with the lowest time cost)

    Build your own Website (at least 1 month):
    If you have cleared all your programming languages and tools concepts clear, then it’s high time to practice. Use Jekyll + GitHub pages to build a static blog as it does not require back- end development.


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