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Topic Suggestions

  • What type of content do we publish on Prototypr?

    Before thinking about a topic to write for, think about what interests you! Usually the best articles come from a writer's passion. Think about what you find interesting, and that could help and provide value to a reader. Here are some ideas:

    Share your career stories

    For example, a career change that has had a large impact on your life could be a great topic. It's great to get your thoughts out there, and see who they connect with - you might just help someone going through a similar struggle.

    What's important though, is to think about the person reading the article. As well as sharing your story, think how it could be helping them too. You might want to suggest how a reader can apply the lessons you've learned to their life.

    Write tutorials

    Whilst designing or coding something, you might come across new tools or methodologies that helped you. Why not share your experiences with those? Don't be scared of sharing because you're a beginner - some of the most valuable content comes from a beginner's eyes:

    • How did you get started with a tool?
    • Why did you choose to use this technology?
    • What are the benefits and drawbacks?

    Again, think about the reader when you're writing your experiences. Backing opinions with related links is recommended, and making your article actionable can make it much more useful.


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