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The Design Process of Letter

  • An Email Design Tool for Creators

    We have a lot of the design process behind Letter documented in Notion, and I'm going to start sharing those openly here, using this forum as a place to gather feedback for the project. First of all, what is Letter?

    Letter is a dynamic email tool for creators that redefines the workflow of making a newsletter. It's the first product of its kind that integrates with popular design tools. Start by designing in Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch, and then export your artboards straight into Letter as HTML code.

    Within Letter, there's a drag and drop builder that fetches data using AI to populate your designs with content at the click of a button. Finally you can send the email using your favourite services.

    Why did I start it?

    I wanted the process of making a newsletter to be about the content, design, and creative process. The workflow of creating a newsletter is fragmented, and very manual. Why should we have to crop and resize images, or copy and paste titles and links? Why should someone have to translate a design into code? Humans should focus on the meaningful parts.

    I'm hoping to take the pain out of creating newsletters, whilst making a service that's affordable to individual creators.


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