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[Feature] Letter Themes 🖼

  • Here are some scraps of the thoughts behind the Theme and Component concepts in Letter:

    Packages or Themes?

    • In addition to these components, we also have a 'packages' or themes section in the menu, where people can install themes from. This pattern is seen in VS Code, Framer etc.

    alt text

    Here's a sketch of this flow:

    • User clicks on the packages menu icon, and it shows a list of available themes.
    • Upon clicking install package, components from that package appear in every other menu (e.g. headers/footers...)0_1570027040269_IMG_2612.jpg

    It's open to change!!


    Theme vs Style vs Content

    Content and Style are better! Or maybe 'Style' could be 'Theme' since then we could have individual styles related to content sit inside the content panel with what may be less confusion?

    Here I am thinking what is the difference between style and content, and using 'theme' and 'content' may be better - what you think?


  • How to enable to people to make blocks inside templates?- need help with that

    cos blocks and templates are kindof the same thing 2:03 PM templates made of blocks

    Instead of blocks, the term ‘component’ - everyone in design knows this word

    Templates Overview


    It will be very tricky to combine modules from different templates, as they may have different styles associated with them


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