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[Feature] 📱 Device Preview

  • • Is ipad really need it? It looks desktop and iphone serve the same function. Those are Preview, yes?

    The idea was to have the ability to switch between devices:


    However this implies the editor is completely WYSIWYG. Maybe this would be better as a separate preview mode. iPad isn't completely necessary either - I think it looks nice, but not useful.

    When we want to offer ’preview options (desktop, ipad, iphone). Just wondering not all people have apple devices and if they have a laptop, supposedly they can use Letter already correct?

    Good point, I suppose we could make them generic - desktop, tablet, phone?

  • Scroll Behaviour

    Awful to have 2 scrolls - one inside a preview, and one for the main area:

    alt text

    [Chris Konings]:After playing around with the Letter UI I've had some initial thoughts on improvements.

    When designing or in 'editing' mode I think it would be nice if we didn't have the restrictions of the device box, **currently we are scrolling twice

    • (1) one to see the full device and once to see the email within the device - could we remove the device size restrictions and have a default size for the email
    • (2) that is endless height depending on how much content you have -


    (1)Definitely agree with this. Personally from using it, I really hated scrolling inside that stupid device constraint!

    (2) good point, Ann has mentioned this too that 600px is the max width, so that works

    Device Preview

    iPad devices can be shown in Preview only. Don’t think it’s needed in edit mode

    Agreed! So we need a way to switch between edit and preview mode. How could that work?

    If the device is shown, would it be like the existing device view, so it's scrollable within the device?

  • This was one of the more recent device preview mode:


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