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Simplify your everyday work with colors using Hexee

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm Alberto, the creator of Hexee.

    My background is in computer engineering, but I've always been fascinated with the design of user interfaces. I tried as much as possible to mix my formal coding studies and work, with those of UI design. This led me to the creation of several apps and websites, some of which are currently published and listed on my personal website (

    While designing user interfaces, one of the areas I struggle with is color. Creating beautiful color combinations is very hard - at least for me! So I decided to create an app to help make this task easier.

    Back in 2017 I started working on this project, and after a couple of months of development, I published Iris - Color Schemes Editor. I iterated on it quickly, publishing a few updates based on users' feedback. A good number of people were using it and found it useful, so I decided to move a step forward.

    Last year (2019) I re-designed and re-implemented the app from scratch, improving the overall experience and set of features. A few months of work later, Hexee 2.0 was ready (Blog post).

    So, what is Hexee?

    Hexee aims at being the definitive application for designers and artists to create beautiful color schemes. It is a full-featured color scheme editor and a collection of advanced color tools.

    There are many tools around to work with colors. The web is teeming with applications to manage color schemes, test color contrast, extract colors from images, but they all have one or two features only. If you are a designer or an artist, you are probably familiar with that frustrating situation where you have three applications and five tabs open in your browser just to create a single palette!

    With Hexee, the goal is to have a single space to work with colors and unify multiple tools into a single one (“A color app to rule them all”, someone could say…).

    Some of the things you can do with Hexee include:

    • Creating, editing, naming and organizing your color schemes.
    • Fine-tuning the colors in multiple color spaces and giving them names (or let the app suggest a name for you).
    • Generating color harmonies, shades, tints, and variations.
    • Mixing colors in different color spaces.
    • Extracting colors from images.
    • Testing colors for accessibility issues (contrast ratio, lightness, color blindness…).
    • Designing color schemes for infographics, maps, and presentations easily.
    • Importing colors from other applications and exporting them to many formats, like text, file, and images.
    • … And more!

    Hexee is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux at

    If you're a designer, for work or hobby, I hope you would find this app useful. I would be glad to hear your feedback and thoughts on it.


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