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Hello from another planet

  • Kidding, I am still on earth. 🌍

    My name is Stefan, and I am owner of UX Store, place for UI/UX designers where you can find wireframing and paper prototyping tools. 📔 📐 📏

    I also run quite big network on Instagram with ~500k followers, mostly designers. You can check some of our accounts over here .

    I am here to meet people interesting people and always open for new opportunities, collaboration or just meeting you.

    Also, I am here to get valuable suggestions and feedback on what and how to improve tools we have on UX Store.

    I am reading Prototypr newsletter very often, and when I find some good resources, I am sharing it on one of my side projects called

    What else to say, hmmm ? 🤔

    My personal emoji is ^^, even its not an emoji 😄

    Peace to everybody!

  • @uxstore Welcome Stefan 👋I had a look at UX Store - it has some useful products. How long have you been running?

    Thanks for the feedback on the Prototypr newsletter too, glad you are enjoying it! 🙂

  • @Graeme Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you think the UX Store tools are useful.

    UX Store run for ~2 years, but I acquired it 3 months ago, or actually on August 10th. this year. It was a perfect fit and deal, since I was already running that ~500k Instagram network.

    Last 3 months I am working hard on improving the store in terms of all aspects. From enhancing and improving UI/UX, growth like social media, SEO and other growth tactics. Sometimes feeling like one man army ^^.

    More things are coming, working on new tools, and I am always glad to hear suggestion or ideas.



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