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About me and my Project!

  • I'm a software developer from Toronto, Canada currently building an application that I want to launch on product hunt before the end of the year. 👦

    It is a Node.js application with a React client, GraphQL API, Prisma bindings and a PostgreSQL database.

    I am open to discussions about development and believe in fostering an inclusive development community.

    Feel free to shoot me a message about anything!

  • @dashed Hi Dashed, thanks for sharing what you're working on. Are you looking for users to test your application? What type of help do you need?

  • @Graeme said in About me and my Project!:

    aring what you're working on.


    So I will be launching the application at around the end of December, and I will need beta testers, design and functionality feedback. I appreciate you reaching out and will keep you in the loop!

  • Contributor

    Hi, would love to see your project and help in any way I can!!! But what are you actually building? Are you ready to share?

  • @ninalimpi @dashed if you are looking to launch in December, it's good that you're starting to get testers and people on board now.

    Do you plan to share more about what it is, or are you waiting until closer to launch? Sharing early can help you build an audience even before you have a product.

    Here;s a couple useful reads on this topic:

  • Hey @Graeme @ninalimpi

    I'm building a job board for the Cannabis industry in Canada! You can follow my progress here:

    Twitter Post:

    I am trying to make this as public as possible and I would love if you could show me other resources to spread the work as far as possible. I wm trying to reach out to potential employers and job seekers in the Cannabis space.

    I'd appreciate any and all advice!


  • Contributor

    @ai Cool project! Looking forward to seeing you build it! If something comes in mind about where else you can spread the word, I'll definitely let you know!!! Graeme probably has more ideas on how you could do that!!!

  • @ai Hey this looks good! The name is cool, considering it's Canada too 👏🏽

    Are people specifically looking to work in the Cannabis space? Or would this be more useful for employers?

    I think the jobs board itself is something you can use to understand the space, and make something even more useful. People that care and love what you make naturally spread the word, so find where they are too!


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