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Wireframe Prototypes

  • Prototyper

    What's the best way to create wireframes with prototyping for an iOS app? I've been exploring Marvel and Sketch somewhat for my project.

    My initial impression is that Marvel seems to be easier to use and more appropriate for early wireframes and prototypes. However, Sketch would then be the preferred tool as these designs are extended toward high-fidelity design, mockups, and prototypes. It's also nice that they both work together quite nicely with syncing.

    I would like to understand more about recommended workflow, best practices, and related articles that might be helpful. It's still not clear how to move between these design tools and the Xcode development environment with Interface Builder storyboards and Swift code.

    I'm interested in experiences and suggestions from other designers and developers. I plan to share my initial prototypes shortly to get some feedback.

  • @doug I can recommend Sketch + InVision + InVision Craft plugin which now supports native in-app prototyping and it's easy to use. Of course, Sketch also provides the prototyping feature, as Figma.


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