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    Hi all!

    I'm a Latvian designer living in London.
    I design creative solutions to social problems, tell stories through pictures and make complicated things easier to understand.
    I recently joined ZPB healthcare communications agency as a lead designer, managing the creative department of one 🙃 Being the only designer in the company, I'm looking to connect with other creatives, share ideas and get inspired!

    p.s. this is the only emoji I use 🙃

  • Hi Tina, welcome to the community 🙃

    I haven't met many designers in healthcare, it is a big challenge to be the only designer - this came to my mind straight away.

    Maybe we could add a category for solo designers? Do you think it could be useful?

  • @Graeme I would certainly join a group for folks who are a 'team of one'. I work in an internal IT shop as the only developer for ~70 front-end / full-stack developers. It is tricky and lonely sometimes. Being able to talk to other in similar circumstances would be great.

    I work as a UX / UI Designer for a software company in Raleigh, NC, USA

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    Hello Tina! So nice to meet you! How long ago did you move to London? Have been thinking of such a move for the past few years so I'd love to hear your experience...

  • @HarperHampton actually I have seen similar instances when I worked at IBM - I think there are quite a few who are tackling this situation. Here's a space for it - I'll drop in some of the stories I've come across.

  • Nomad

    @TinaRemiz welcome to the community, Tina! It's great to have you here. I love how you define your role as "design creative solutions to problems, tell stories through pictures and make complicated things easy" – I look forward to learning lots of complicated things from you. Do share links to some of your work on here!
    Welcome again! 😁

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    Hi @Graeme, thanks for your reply and sorry it took me forever to answer!
    I loved the article you shared, although it's not really my case. Far from struggling to good design practices into the product development process, I mainly struggle teaching my colleagues how to change text colour in PowerPoint (and not make it acid yellow)!
    Yes, a category for solo designers, please!

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    Hi @ninalimpi, I've been here for over ten years now and came as a student, which made a lot of things easier. If you have any questions I can answer - fire them out!

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    Thanks @kelechi!
    My portfolio is here, but I'll share some individual project later on too.


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