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Update: Imposter Cat 😸

  • Here's a bit of process for Imposter Cat using empathy maps, value proposition canvas and feasibility matrix to determine the features I will prototype.

    The empathy map was created from the data and personality analysis in my previous update. I made used Realtimeboard to make it, check that out here.

    0_1542585992803_image_preview (1).png

    Then I created a pretty rough persona using this personapp tool.

    0_1542586153787_image_preview (2).png

    A journey map didn’t help so much here, imposter syndrome doesn’t have a start or finish time. It can be there one minute and gone the next as it’s in the mind. It doesn’t seem to be a specific thing to tackle, but a cause of other pains such as:

    • Overload of new practices, or new tools fatigue (feel like you need to learn everything)
    • Other people appearing to know more than you
    • Not having taken the typical career path
    • Not having the certifications, but being able to do the work
    • Being younger than people you’re teaching
    • Needing to appear as an expert

    I had a quick go, but realised the above so stopped as it'd be a waste of the little time I have:

    0_1542586345107_image_preview (3).png

    Value Proposition Canvas

    Next I found a template and pasted it into Realtimeboard to explore product features in a Value Proposition Canvas (the template and more information is here.

    0_1542586470712_image_preview (5).png

    This helped me come up with some ideas, which I mapped out and collected into clusters:

    0_1542586551964_image_preview (6).png

    Next, I used the prioritisation matrix to help decide which feature to focus on:

    0_1542586673805_Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 01.16.10.png

    And here's what I'll be prototyping:

    Career Cat

    Map your career progress and stay motivated to beat imposter syndrome.

    Features include:

    • Inspiration/motivational content
    • Users can interact with the UI and get different responses (voice or typing)
    • A way for people to track their progress

    0_1542586721253_image_preview (7).png


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