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  • Hello everyone, and welcome to the brand new makerspace/forum!
    A brand new home for the community 😃

    Right now, it's a blank canvas, so thank you for joining and I hope we can shape it into a great space.

    The forum is a place everybody to come together, regardless of location. Feel free to share ideas, thoughts and opinions under relevant categories and sub-categories below.

    And please suggest new categories that would be useful 💙

  • Nomad

    @Graeme Glad to be here Graeme! Thanks for putting it all together! The internet needs more safe niche spaces like this especially for creatives and digital nomads.

    Welcome everyone! 🥂 We're so glad to have you here. Feel right at home and together we can make this community exactly what you need, regardless of location or where you are in your work/career.

    Remember you can open a chat 💬 to speak to any member of the community directly. We're all here to support, engage, share ideas, tools, information, and victories 🏆


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