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Hello! This is Han from Japan

  • I'm Han, glad to be here and I'm ready to share my insights in design.

    Currently working as a UI/UX designer for a cryptocurrency exchange company in Tokyo, helping with their website renewal and app redesign.

    I love interface design and the psychology behind human behaviours. Happy design everyone ✍

  • @karl_iaxd Welcome Han! I've never really heard much about UX in cryptocurrency, but I imagine there's a huge amount of problems to solve! How are you finding it? Was there any specific reason you chose to work in crypto?

  • haha, maybe that's why it's so crypto! But yeah, in Japan it's still a new business and companies tend to keep their mouth shut about it.

    The service itself is entirely B2C, which is good for me, since solving user centred problems is what I do best, but I do have to understand some B2B design and spoiler alert, Enterprise UX design is no fun.

    I got this position only because the company promised me complete freedom over my capability, I'm not particularly interested in cryptocurrency but I am fascinated by the blockchain technology though.

  • @karl_iaxd haha I used to do enterprise design too, true it can be not so fun at times, but I learned a lot about people, politics and other departments, which I think is also important for design (but yeah, maybe not so fun)

    Yeah I like the possibilities of blockchain. For example, this platform called Worthyt caught my eye - it enables people to show appreciation on the internet using blockchain.

    Do you see any other examples like this about?

  • Contributor

    Welcome Han from Japan!!! Nice to meet you!!!


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