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Built my first product without writing code!πŸ™ˆπŸ› 

  • Hey there, newbie here πŸ‘‹

    This is the first product built 100% by me without much coding (see the tools below).πŸ‘‡

    I’m a big TV show πŸ“Ί fan, watching series almost every night instead of sleeping.

    I couldn’t keep up with the premiere dates of my favourite TV shows. I got tired of randomly searching for premiere dates so I decided to build something that reminds me all the premiere dates I care about.

    I built TvPremiereAlert which sends email reminders on the premiere days of your selected TV shows. The list of series and premiere dates are constantly updated (currently manually), making sure we never miss the premiere dates and we don’t have to spend precious time looking for that kind of information.

    I’m so excited to share this early version with you guys, hope you will like it and please share your thoughts with me so I can make a better new version. πŸ™‚

    Link to the product:

    Here are the tools I used:
    Unicorn platform (building website)
    Canva (design and images)
    Jotform (collecting emails and preferences)
    Mailchimp (storing data and sending campaigns)
    Netlify (hosting)

  • @tamastorok congrats on building your project, and thanks for sharing the tools you used to make it! It looks like a good MVP - I was able to follow what the site is about quite easily, but I wonder if you can improve the form for selecting preferences with the nocode tools you're using.

    There are a lot of options, and it might take long to find titles without a search πŸ€”

    What are you planning to do next with your product?

  • @Graeme Hey Graeme, thanks for the feedback. πŸ™‚
    Yeah, the form is far from perfect (and you haven't seen the backend, haha πŸ˜„ ) Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the TV show selection? Honestly, this was the best idea I came up with so far. If you could share any tools or examples, that would be really helpful.

    Next step is to get the first 100 users, then aim for 1000.
    Also, planning to add more content to the website to improve organic reach. πŸ™‚

  • @tamastorok I actually wondered if there is a place people already have a list of movies they like.

    For example, people 'like' movies on Facebook, and you could use the Facebook API to pull in existing preferences. It would be perfect if that was possible for Netflix, but I'm not sure they have a public API πŸ€”

    That would help skip the form step altogether. Otherwise, inspiration that comes to mind for me is Twitter's onboarding. Have a look at how they get users to add their interests:

  • @Graeme Wow this is a cool one! πŸ™‚ It's time to get busy.


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