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Hi everyone! 3D design tool maker joining ranks

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Broni and I am originally from Bratislava, Slovakia, working between, California, Korea, and Slovakia.

    I am one of the makers of Vectary, online 3D design tool.

    We are a small team, so everyone wears many hats. My main focus is to show 2D designers how easy it actually is to create 3D work and inspire them to explore our tool. I was originally a copywriter - which was quite passive - but now I am proud to be a maker!

    I hope to get to know other makers, give and get feedback on our products and help each other out with what I've learned along the way.

    My most used emoji is 🔮 I add it to my posts about interesting insights and ideas, trying to catch a glimpse of the future.

    And my favorite is this 😑 Its just perfect sometimes.

  • @broni Hey Broni, nice to hear your story, that's a lot of places to work between!

    I have seen an example of Vectary here, the lumberjack example in the article is great!

    Do you have any more tips or go to resources for 3D?

    Looking forward to hearing more about Vectary, how the company is growing, and what is possible in 3D. Also, thanks for creating the 3D group, great idea 😄

    I found that the way groups work on the forum just seems to put people in a space together, but it doesn't create an actual category for the group's topic interest. I'm going to add this soon so we will have a space for 3D content 👍

  • Nomad

    @broni hi Broni! Welcome! Can I just say you're amazing? 🙂 I've worked in communications for so long, and yes it can get monotonous especially when you've stuck with your company for long and begin to feel listless. I think that's me right now, which is why I'm delving into design and frontend. My dear friend, Ms Imposter Syndrome, whispers to me quite often but with this group and folks like you, yes I can! Haha.

    I look forward to getting to know you more and propping each other up as we grow. Cheers, Maker 👊

  • @kelechi Hi, nice to meet you! Yea, people need to prop each other up 🙂 Communities like this remind me to keep being brave and work hard! Kick Ms Impostor in the face next time for me, ok ? 🙂


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