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New project - looking for feedback.

  • Hey guys, I'm working on with @graeme and we're looking for feedback on the landing page. Any ideas?

  • Nomad

    Just checked it out. Great work! Clean UI, most of my suggestions is with the copy - a few tweaks here and there.

    The sign up button at the bottom, for example, you can make it more personalized to the user. So instead of "Get the latest language learning resources before everyone else!", you can say something like "Get the latest language learning resources for your chosen language!"

    Another 'not too important' suggestion, if you can make the 'hola' in the second fold change to other languages too, that will be great, so its not just hello to hola, but hello to various languages like the top fold.

    If I think of anything else, I'll share! For now, these are my Newbie Designer/Copywriter-by-day feedback 🙂

    Also, second fold, you said online resources, but in the third fold, you said online and offline resources.

  • Nomad

    On the library page as well, maybe you as little lingua, can pick top 3 or top 4 for each language. Because having too many options is akin to doing a Google Search, you see all these language learning resources but don't know which to choose. There's too many options plus some apps seem to pop up in every language e.g. Duolingo.

    But if you show just 3 or 4 apps per language (maybe even rate them with stars and Google reviews) and then say "see more options." It may make it easier for the language learner to choose because they know that these top 3 or 4 have risen to the top of Little Lingua.

    And then if the site gets big, you may even get these little language apps to want to be featured as top apps on Little Lingua. Make sense?

  • Good suggestions! Will try to make those changes with time. Really helpful though, thanks.

  • @kelechi thanks Kelechi! I made this with @mmchris, love the idea of rotating through different languages for the 'hola'!

    All great suggestions for the copy, we'll adapt all those ideas! Here is a thread of our Product Hunt launch. It shows how we pivoted during the launch and made it crowdsourced. Always listening and improving!:

    There were quite a few useful tools that helped us make this, I'll write up on my learnings 🙂 including the different approaches to building products - MVP/prototypes!

  • @mmchris said in New project - looking for feedback.:

    First of all congrats for putting something out there in the wild. Now for the small stuff to fix:

    Resources page:

    • some cards don't have images
    • pagination - the blue used to show selected page obscures the black text. The highlighted color doesn't go with the warm earthy tones of the app.
    • language search box should be rounded to match the other inputs
    • to clear selection, the 'x' symbol is enough. Crossing-out the text is unnecessary
    • x results found in y ms - why do you need this unless the focus of the app is faster searching than competitors. Your audience expects fast results and visits the app for it's content.
    • add Insta to footer as well to show travel locations. Travel + language is a hot combo for startups like Babbel
    • hamburger menu on top right at tablet and lower widths just refreshes page rather than showing options

    This is a cool app that I would love to use so please take my feedback as just suggestions 🙂

  • @bengunbharta Hey thanks for this feedback, yeah there's definitely a lot to be improved visually as you outline. It was kind of a proof of concept to see initial feedback on an idea and actually ended up 2nd on Show Hacker News today, which was really unexpected:

    I'd like to iron out those bugs and issues, but we're first focusing on getting the purpose and direction of the site right. The elements on the page may change as we adapt to the feedback we've gained.

    For example, after the Product Hunt Launch, we embedded the actual spreadsheets into the homepage to provide more meaning:

    0_1543780006455_Screenshot 2018-12-02 at 20.42.28.png

    Your points are spot on though, and thanks a lot for going through them all! Not entirely sure where this project is going, or how much time to spend on it, but it's quite a fun one.

  • Also, if anyone is curious about monetising a product idea, the debate about our site in the Hackernews comments may be an interesting read.

  • @Graeme Just saw the HN thread. I've never seen a human-friendly product they like. HN reminds me of a foodie blog I used to follow where people would take someone to task for using store-bought infused oil rather than preparing it from scratch with $$$ ingredients and aging it for 3 months. Your actual market is closer to a lifestyle or growth-hacking audience where they have a customer base or followers in a particular country and communication rather than 'language' is the goal. If I may ask, is your internal debate to pursue it time vs money or just that you are prioritizing other projects?

  • @mmchris Nice

  • @bengunbharta said in New project - looking for feedback.:

    If I may ask, is your internal debate to pursue it time vs money or just that you are prioritizing other projects?

    Hey Bengun, I would say it's to prioritize other projects! I'm also working on content for, and a coliving project.

    I think Little Lingua is more for fun - maybe I can use it as an example in some of the content I create in the future!


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