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Portfolio feedback

  • Hi Guys,

    I just finished my portfolio website and would love some feedback!

    Feel free to post your own portfolio for feedback too!


  • @Chris Hey Chris! I'm not sure what specific feedback you're looking for, so here I am using your site 😃 :

    Maybe it will be helpful, I find quietly watching others use my site (rather than what they say) can be really useful!

  • @Graeme Wow, this is great, thanks - really useful to see someone actually using it. Will take in to account what might have confused you etc. Thanks again!

  • Nomad

    Hi Chris! Just checked out your site. First thought was: is that your birthday on the stamp-like thing? And were you born in the UK, then moved to the US? The entire stamp-like thing is a little distracting to me because I had to turn my head upside down to read all the text and it wasn't very useful after reading it so it felt like a waste of time. Maybe you can make it smaller and to the top left of the site? Or remove it so the site has a cleaner look? Just a suggestion. To me, it didn't add much beauty to the overall look.

    I also clicked the arrow but it didn't take me down so I scrolled just like @Graeme said.

    I LOVE the case study pages! Lots of multimedia and in-depth content nicely laid out.

    I also like that the stamp-thing pulses when you move back to the home page from a case study page. All in All, beautiful! The kind of site I look forward to being able to make soon!

  • @kelechi Thanks, Yes it's my birthday and I did move from UK to US, I might rework the stamp as putting my birthday seems to distract others too.

    I'm going to make the arrow clickable I think, just a scroll down to the work seems appropriate.

    Glad to hear you liked the case studies, I definitely focussed on content with my new site!

    Such great feedback, thanks again for taking the time to check it out!


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