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Introducing me!

  • Newbie Designer

    Well I’m here to learn a bit from everyone.
    Please have patience as I’m very knew and I’m going to be comprehending and doing.
    I can be quick to learn , but not if I’m over my head!
    Hi I’m Tania pronounced Tonya..
    Hoping to create some ideas here. I would like to see others work . Let’s see if I can navigate myself around!![alt text](image url)italicised text

  • @toto-79 Hi Tania! Great to have you here as someone learning, and I see you already found the Newbie Designer group that @kelechi has set up!

    What topics are you currently exploring? Looking forward to helping 🙂

  • Nomad

    @toto-79 welcome! You're in good company 🙂 Glad to see you found the Newbie group. For now, it's still a compilation of all our conversations in the community but you can directly message anyone in the group and know that we're in the same 'knowledge level.' Haha!

    What are you interested in learning? I'm just like you, taking things slow and steady with some Udacity courses and loads of articles on the Prototypr Blog.

    Send me a message if you want and we can hold each other accountable!


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