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Hi from Alice

  • Contributor

    Hiya, I’m Alice.

    I’m a product designer in Berkeley, California. I currently design online test prep tools at Magoosh for college-bound students. Before design I used to cook for folks. I’m excited to learn and share ideas in this community. It’s already been really cool to see other projects people are working on.

    I use 😱 regularly.

  • Nomad

    @alicetu welcome Alice! It’s a pleasure to have you here! I’m always interested in people who go from one career to another when the two seem to have nothing in common - it’s like living many lives in one. What inspired your change from cooking to product design? Was it deliberate or serendipitous? Are you looking to work on a side project soon? Sorry about all these questions! I can see you merging your experiences into a really valuable product 😄

    I’m especially glad to have you here and look forward to more conversations! 🤗

  • @alicetu Welcome Alice! Yeah cool change from cooking to product design. I've seen a lot of articles in the past about how cooking is similar to design actually haha, will have to dig them out!

  • Contributor

    @kelechi thanks for your warm welcome! I really appreciate it. I used to cook in restaurants and then ran the employee meal program for awhile at an edtech startup. I love working with my hands and creating physical things. While I was there I learned about digital products and found myself gravitating towards design. And yes! I've definitely found overlap between cooking and design.

    As for side projects, I'm toying around with the idea of working on illustrations for a friend who's writing a children's book. That could really be a stretch though. I'm very new to that skill 🙂

    Ditto to more conversations!

  • Contributor

    Hi @Graeme! Thanks for creating such an inviting community. We've met briefly before when you reached out me about an article I wrote on Medium for Prototypr. It's great to be here!

  • @alicetu Oh yes! Aah this article: I remember now, I put it in the newsletter too! I can relate a lot to this doodle too:


  • Contributor

    Haha, yep that's it @Graeme. Thanks for the shares!


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