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Hi everyone!

  • I'm Kinneret Yifrah 🙂

    I live in Haifa, Israel. It's a beautiful city, with the Carmel mountain on the east 🏔 and the Mediterranean seashore on the west 🌅 amazing restaurants 🍝 a busy port 🛳 and many cultures living harmoniously together like nowhere else in the area 🕺

    From here I run Nemala – Microcopy Studio, and spread the word of microcopy, also known as UX writing and UX copy.
    I manage the vibrant Israeli microcopy community (9,000 UX designers, PMs, developers, and of course - writers) and give practical microcopy workshops all year round 👩‍🏫

    The project that I'm most proud of is "Microcopy: The Complete Guide" 📒 A handbook for everyone dealing with digital products that wants them to sound human and engaging. The book has already been sold in 44 countries, and is serving thousands of UX and product pros. You can read more about it in this link: and use the special Prototypr code: prototypr10 to get your own copy ✌

    You are most welcome to follow the super-practical articles I regularly post on Medium:

    I'd love to stay in touch here and on Linkedin:

    See you around!

  • Nomad

    @kinnerety Hello Kinnerety! Welcome to the community! I am personally glad to have you here! I just checked out and I’m already an avid fan. I’m at an intersection between copywriting and UX/product design so I find what you do super relevant.

    I’ll be visiting Israel sometime next year, by the way! Do you have an online microcopy group for not-only-Israelis? Are you on Twitter?

    I look forward to more conversations!

  • @kinnerety Hi Kinneret! Great to have you here with your UX writing experience. I've always been interested in this area of design and copy too. I actually made this site, a while ago, but never really had time to keep pushing along with it. Not sure what to do with it next, open to ideas if you have any 😄

    Thanks for sharing a discount for your book with our audience, and your awesome articles! Israel sounds awesome, it looks a good place for design and startups too.


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