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Voice First, Screen Second: Designing for Voice in Adobe XD

  • Hey all, I just finished writing this comprehensive article on getting started with Voice Design and prototyping Alexa Skills in Adobe XD.

    cc @mrdanielschwarz - this was what I had mentioned before! It's already had a great response, so now I'm thinking of writing a book on this to teach people how to go from conception to Alexa Skill/Google/Siri app.

  • Amazing, I’m totally going to read this today @Graeme. I'm super interested in this sort of stuff. Next year I want to sync up with independent authors to speed up the content output on UX Tricks, which, if doesn’t include books, then maybe shorter email courses where authors can mention their books (and we make money through affiliate linking).

    This would be a terrific addition!

  • @mrdanielschwarz thanks Daniel! I'd love to collaborate on something like that with you, or even on some VUI related project since you're also interested in this area. Yeah, getting the revenue side right is important too in order to keep it sustainable as independent authors.

  • @Graeme For sure — I don’t travel with my Alexa, but come February when I return to London I’m going to start tinkering with VUI, then maybe I’ll take it on my next adventure.

    For uxtricks, the thing I’ve been toying with is like a Blinkist-type business model where authors can summarize their books in short email courses and reach a wider audience.

    In my mind it’s:

    • Not time-consuming for authors
    • We market their book to our audiences
    • Plus, there’s added value for a UXT subscription-model (coming later)

    It’s far better than trying to be a traditional (ahem, controlling) publisher and it helps indie authors retain full control over their work while we take 0% of their hard-earned earnings.

  • Really extensive and great article on VUI, I quickly overviewed article, will read it full these days 😉

  • @mrdanielschwarz like Blinkist for designers/developers/makers? That sounds really cool. I really like to help out indie people as well since I am one, and know how much of a challenge it can be doing things solo.

    Once I hoped to have a Prototypr store, where indie people could list their design-related products with zero fees.

    Removing barriers to large audiences for people making great products just makes sense to me. When the content is truly genuine and benefits the audience, it helps everyone.


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