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This space is created for our publication writers and contributors to get feedback on their work. New members: introduce yourself here, along with what you're working on or need help with.

💌 We're also using this space to gather feedback for our project,, whilst it's in beta. You can post your own projects too if you're looking for help.

By joining this platform, you’re contributing to a forum that is a safe and open space, in which ideas are shared and respected. Here are some guidelines to keep it that way! 🤗

  1. Please include your real name in your username - keeps things personal 😊
  2. We don't endorse using this platform solely for customer acquisition – you can share your products for feedback, but please state your affiliation before doing so.
  3. Engage in good faith: we're open to different ideas and perspectives.

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  • Welcome to the Community. Find updates and post your suggestions for this space in here.

  • Let people who you are, what you're working on, and the type of feedback you're looking for.

  • Tips and guidelines for getting your work published.

  • Share anything new and interesting here.

  • Share design projects, work in process, portfolio pieces, and case studies.

  • Sharing the progress of building our newsletter app, which is used to create Prototypr Weekly

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